May 21, 2013

About Us

Florida Linen Services was established in 2003 by the Luneburg family. Over the years, Florida Linen Services has evolved from a domestic laundry service to one of the most recognized healthcare linen rental and laundry companies in the state of Florida.

Our laundry facilities use only the most advanced technologies available, which emphasize hygienically clean linen, environmental concerns, utility consumption and overall production efficiency. As a result you receive consistent delivery of healthcare textiles in the quality and quantity you expect. We service specialty practices, surgery centers, long term care, clinics, as well as large volume healthcare facilities.



State Of The Art Equipment

Florida Linen Services has invested in equipment and delivery vehicles, making it
Florida’s Premier Healthcare Linen Service Provider.

About Us

Plant Equipment

Our Washrooms are Equipped With:

  • Ecolab Chemical Injection Systems
  • Computerized Scale Systems
  • Continuous Batch Tunnel Washers
  • Automated Drying Systems

The Finishing Areas Are Equipped With:

  • Ironer Rollers
  • Linen Quality Scanners
  • Small Piece Folders
  • Spreader/ Feeders
  • Blanket Folders
  • Sheet Folders
  • Linen Master Weighing System

About Us
About Us